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Cello Rules ~

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1. Naming Rules
Character, guild, shop and estate names should not be offensive or inappropriate for a general audience. Players are encouraged to choose names that are not difficult to read or type.

2. Mobbing
Intentionally manipulating or luring mobs to a certain location in order to get the mobs to attack other players is prohibited.

3. Spawn Points
3a. Player versus Environment
It is not possible to claim exclusive rights to an area (spot-claiming) or claim ownership of mobs or resources (mines/herbs/etc) that have not spawned on the map yet.

4. Kill-stealing
Attacking or using offensive skills on a mob that does not belong to you or your party members is prohibited.
A mob is considered as belonging to you if you or someone in your party, were the first to gain aggro or be targeted by a mob. If the mob is no longer targeting you or your party members, then the mob is open to be taken by another player or party, assuming that the loss of target was not the result of "kill-stealing".
Exceptions apply to situations where all players are encouraged to assist in killing a mob, such as kingdom quests and server bosses, and events.
As long as there is only one group at a spot, they are allowed to take every mob they find. In the case that another group arrives, you must share the area.

5. Behaviour
5a. Harassment
In-game behaviour that negatively affects other player's ability to enjoy the game in the way it is intended is prohibited.
Preventing players from exiting a map when they want to example free battle zone is considered as harassment.

6. Chat
a. Using in-game chat to cause offense or nuisance is prohibited. This includes bad language, threats, and unnecessary spamming.
b. Using in-game chat to advertise websites that are not authorised by Cello, or discuss cheats is prohibited.

7. Bug Abuse
Bugs are errors or faults in the game that produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. Abusing or intentionally triggering bugs for personal gain is prohibited.
Players are encouraged to report bugs on the forum, to the in-game team, or to support.

8. Trading
8a. Scamming
Conducting trade under false pretenses is prohibited. The Cello Online team does not endorse enhancing items for gold, this is done at your own risk.

9. Cheating
Manipulating the game files or using third-party programs to modify gameplay is prohibited, UI Reskins are the only officially allowed modification of game files..

10. Account Security
Asking other players for their account details (usernames and/or passwords) or sharing your account details with anyone else is prohibited. Cello staff will never ask you for your account password. This includes allowing other players to use or have access to your account.

11. Game Masters
Causing interference or nuisance, and preventing Game Masters from carrying out their duties is prohibited. This includes repeatedly sending friend/party/trade requests, and giving false/misleading information to Game Masters. The decisions and actions of the Cello Online Team are to be followed.
Game Masters will not accept friend/party/trade requests, or give in-game currency or items to players.

12. Unauthorized assumption of authority
Falsely claiming to be, or have influence over, a game master, moderator or staff member of Cello is prohibited.

13. Means of punishment
In general, the following actions will be taken for each rule infraction.
Official warning
Timed Ban
Permanent ban

Each infraction will be investigated by a Game Master or Cello staff member, and appropriate action will be taken. For privacy reason, we do not discuss the specific actions taken with other players. Multiple infractions will accumulate punishment and are not exclusive.

14. Rules and Terms of Service
The rules are to be followed in addition to the Terms of Service. Game Masters and Cello staff reserve the right to modify and enforce the rules as they see fit.

The creation of more than one account is allowed as long as not more than three accounts can be assigned to one player. When determining bug using or similar infractions (please refer to ingame rules 7 and 9) with one of these three accounts, all three accounts will be penalized as the one having broken the rules.

Punishments for wrongdoing against the Cello Online Team (insulting, swearing, flooding, harassment, or arrogance) are punishable by a timed ban.
The decisions and actions of the Cello Online Team are to be followed. If a player tries to go around or avoid a decision already made by a GM, in which they, for example, ask another GM about the same infraction, it will lead to a timed ban from the game. (Disagreements with GM’s and their choices are always to be reported to the SGM, the LGM or Support!)

Violations against the rules will be primarily dealt with by GMs. The GMs are empowered to jail the people or other necessary measures to meet the actions against the rules and report them. With that, the player and their account can be banned when deemed necessary.

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